The following entry was told to me by a very good friend, a man who didn’t want to obstruct the public highway with a massive sofa and two chairs.


I needed a large three piece removed from my property and so I telephoned the RCT collection people and they arranged to pick it up this morning between 7.30 am and 4pm. I left the items leaning up against the front wall, as I didn’t want to put them in the street as that would cause an obstruction to anyone trying to cross, forcing passers-by to walk onto the road. Surely, I thought, this is the responsible thing to do – after all obstructing the pavement must be wrong. Plus a sofa and two chairs in the middle of the pavement would attract the Chavs and the next thing you’d know is the items would be in the middle of the road or used, as an alternative to bush shelters,¬† to create more Chavs to drain the public purse. There’s a big time scale between early morning and late afternoon – a three piece in the street for all that time!


Not good enough for RCT and collectors drove straight past.

Promptly THE RHONDDA ROVER telephoned them and they said their ever so fragile workers are not allowed to collect from gardens in case they injure themselves. Which makes no logical sense since gardens are nice soft grass and the public highway, which they advise obstructing, is hard nasty pavement. Of course there is always the possibility that there was a new type of corrosive grass and sharp bushes in my friends garden.

Makes me wonder why I pay the council tax – mind you, I always wonder that especially when I see the published councillors expense list.

My mate can’t be arsed to deal with this nonsense and instead he will burn the sofa this evening, spewing chemicals into the air.

One of the most common comments about this blog is that I have not identified myself and therefore

should not be taken seriously.

Well okay I’m publishing a picture of myself here at my computer so you can put a face to the words.

This is me after an hard day at work – I’m a personal fitness instructor – and I’m working hard here at keeping my readership informed on the latest happenings in RCT.

After we reported on the council threat to strike two days ago, Tonight’s South Wales Echo has it as its headline story. Remember you heard it here first.

Last week I was watching TV and there was a documentary about the Welsh and someone said that as a nation we hate the English.

This is not trut but it does remind me of a story we were told at school:

Owen the first ever Welsh man stood at the top of a mountain and got to speak to the lord. He looked out at the wonderful Welsh landscape – the hills, the lakes, rivers, mountain, attractive sheep and the A470 and he say’s, ‘Lord you must love the Welsh. For you have made us so fortunate with this place which is truly Heaven on Earth.’

And the Lord says: ‘I’ve not been generous with the Welsh. This land may be truly wonderous but wait till you meet your neighbours.’

was a great success. So much so that it will now be an annual event designed to give gay senior citizens a place to meet likeminded people.

‘There wasn’t so much of a gay movement in my day,’ said Betty Tasker, association president, ‘ But you’ve got to keep up with¬† the modern trends. And these days I get as much minge as is possible.’

The night went in a great fashion with a themed gay meal – jumbo sausages and pink wine followed by fairy cakes and afterwards there was a concert from a Village People tribute band.

‘The cowboy looked well hunky.’ Said General Clive Smith, 94 of Thomastown. ‘ I wouldn’t kick him out of my sleepeasy bed.’

Many new relationships were formed at the meeting and Jim Jenkins, 81,treasurer said, ‘We are so looking forward to our first civil ceremony when two of our members get married in August. Edith Hawkings, a widow from Trebanog will wed Emily Tanner after the pair met at bingo last weekend and had their first kiss at the gay and lesbian night.’

A resuscitation team were on standby for the entire event but were not needed. Except for one small incident where a pair of loose dentures caused a minor penile injury.

Hello world!

May 31, 2008

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