was a great success. So much so that it will now be an annual event designed to give gay senior citizens a place to meet likeminded people.

‘There wasn’t so much of a gay movement in my day,’ said Betty Tasker, association president, ‘ But you’ve got to keep up with  the modern trends. And these days I get as much minge as is possible.’

The night went in a great fashion with a themed gay meal – jumbo sausages and pink wine followed by fairy cakes and afterwards there was a concert from a Village People tribute band.

‘The cowboy looked well hunky.’ Said General Clive Smith, 94 of Thomastown. ‘ I wouldn’t kick him out of my sleepeasy bed.’

Many new relationships were formed at the meeting and Jim Jenkins, 81,treasurer said, ‘We are so looking forward to our first civil ceremony when two of our members get married in August. Edith Hawkings, a widow from Trebanog will wed Emily Tanner after the pair met at bingo last weekend and had their first kiss at the gay and lesbian night.’

A resuscitation team were on standby for the entire event but were not needed. Except for one small incident where a pair of loose dentures caused a minor penile injury.