Talks have broken down and now the Ponty separatists are at war with the RCT controlling body.

The new Pontypridd President

Alf Edwards (pictured) today gave a statement that read we will do everything in our power to ensure Pontypridd people can live in freedom, without interference from the totalitarian regime that is the RCT.

You can now smoke in Pontypridd, all speed cameras as CTV are to be destroyed and traffic wardens can be killed on sight. Also Ponty will now force it’s women to wear long smocks (pictured below) to protect their dignity. However these smock will not be as severe as those worn by Muslim women but will be adapted to reflect the valley’s lifestyle.

Hostilities will begin at midnight tonight.



August 9, 2008

The threat of war hangs heavy in the air over the valleys, fear mixing heavily with the mist coming in from the peaceful hills.

Pontypridd’s separatist party has taken over control of the RCT Council in a daring raid yesterday afternoon and are now asking for total independence from the RCT governing council. The ultimatum has been made that if RCT fails to recognize Pontypridd as a self governed state by Monday then war will be declared.

PICTURES ABOVE – Ponty freedom fighters bomb Pontypridd yesterday during a daring raid on the RCT controlled council offices.