July 25, 2008

£67.000 of tax payers money spent by myopic self centred council

£67.000 of tax payers money spent by myopic self centred council

£67.000 – that was the total amount of tax payers money spent by the council on these twin arches, one of which has already been vandelised with yellow paint, in Pontypridd’s Taff Street. The arches, made from stainless steel, and bearing the Welsh phrases Bwa I Boble a Bro which translates as, someone got a back hander stand in Taff Street each side of the hated pedestrianisation system.

RCT Council Cabinet Member Paul Cannon, speaking from his secret underwater lair beneath the raging waters of the River Taff where he plans to one day rule the world, said – ‘This is an incredible exciting project and clearly illustrates the gradual regeneration of Pontypridd.’

We, at the Rhondda Rover, have only one thing to say – F**k off you myopic, self centred, self publicity seeking, abuser of public funds.

This is the council plans to revive Ponty:

LARGE multi million pound carbuncle Pennant House at St. Catherine’s Corner which makes an already bad traffic situation worse.

No public toilets open at night – no wonder the Rhondda Rover saw two middle aged women pissing in the lift on Ponty Train station last Friday night. And only just missed a photo opportunity to embarrass these middle aged chavs on the world wide web.

The removal of the free paddling pool in Ynysangharad War memorial

That bloody Pedestrianisation Scheme which is popular with no one and causing a loss of business in the shops.

Allowing the once world famous market to become a sorry excuse for its former self. The council should be forcing the owners to spend some money and modernise this smelly damp market. One day it’ll be gone – mind you maybe that’s what the council want. Maybe long term plans are to stick a TESCO’s there.

Still at least these arches will still be there when all the shops have closed down – probably standing, gleaming, outside a load of boarded up buildings. Spending this much tax payers money on this when there are far more pressing problems in Ponty is outrageous. And the current council should be thrown from their seats and the public should be better consulted on the town. These sculptures were in planning lone before May when the pedestrianisation scheme should have been under review. Now it seems Taff Street is staying a pedestrian area –the council have brought this in by stealth.

The Pontypridd Observer claimed last week’s Rhydian concert was a raging success – were they there? It was a joke and Rhydian acted like a prima donna, refusing to sign autographs and cutting his set short. Mind you the PONTY OBSERVER is shite these days. It should be challenging the council with every move they make but instead it is content to be an AD RAG with the only passionate page being the letters page in which, people, do get a chance to rant.

BUT back to that £67.000 – what better use that could have been put to. The council reckon they are skint and are pushing for another Council Tax Hike. We need to be told how many artists tendered for these arches and who was the imbecile who thought £67.000 was a proper amount to spend on this joke. You can’t even walk through them.


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