It’s a crazy welsh world

July 13, 2008

South Wales man, David Parker has said he has found true happiness after leaving his wife and setting up a lovenest in a Swansea bedsit with his sheep, Nick Boing.

Pictured above – the happy couple.

‘I should have seen this coming,’ said David’s long suffering wife. ‘His interest in the sheep was unhealthy and recently a WALES ON SUNDAY article told how David allowed the sheep to stay in our bed. Years ago there was talk of David and the ducks in the park pond but I thought it was rubbish. Now I’m not so sure.’

David hit back saying, ‘I know the anguish I must have caused but you can’t help who you fall in love with. I am planning on a civil ceremony. If gays can do it then why not bestiality’ists? You show me where it says a man can’t marry a sheep. I’m Welsh for goodness sake so by falling in love with my sheep it is not as if I’ve set a precident.’

It’s a safe bet Nick Boing and David will not be having lamb at their wedding dinner.

We at, The Rhondda Rover, wish the happy couple all the best.

a rosey future for nick boing as the new Mrs Palmer

a rosey future for nick boing as the new Mrs Parker......


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