The Rhondda Rover Revealed and the first ever Welsh man.

June 24, 2008

One of the most common comments about this blog is that I have not identified myself and therefore

should not be taken seriously.

Well okay I’m publishing a picture of myself here at my computer so you can put a face to the words.

This is me after an hard day at work – I’m a personal fitness instructor – and I’m working hard here at keeping my readership informed on the latest happenings in RCT.

After we reported on the council threat to strike two days ago, Tonight’s South Wales Echo has it as its headline story. Remember you heard it here first.

Last week I was watching TV and there was a documentary about the Welsh and someone said that as a nation we hate the English.

This is not trut but it does remind me of a story we were told at school:

Owen the first ever Welsh man stood at the top of a mountain and got to speak to the lord. He looked out at the wonderful Welsh landscape – the hills, the lakes, rivers, mountain, attractive sheep and the A470 and he say’s, ‘Lord you must love the Welsh. For you have made us so fortunate with this place which is truly Heaven on Earth.’

And the Lord says: ‘I’ve not been generous with the Welsh. This land may be truly wonderous but wait till you meet your neighbours.’


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